Niederegger Classics

I wanted to do something special today, but I am still not up to date with all the things I have to figure out these days. So I thought I’d show you my review of Niederegger’s classical marzipan.
All four versions come with a thin dark chocolate coating. The smell of the marzipan comes through the shell and provides a not too sweet but almondy aroma. A really tempting start!


You can tell from the outside that there is fruit inside the treat. I would not realize it is pineapple, but definitely fruit. Even the marzipan itself does not smell like pineapple, but still fruity. I’ve tried citrus marzipan before and I really did not like it as the entire marzipan flavor was overshadowed by the citrus. But here we have (finally) pineapple, mixed up with marzipan. Both flavors are really in balance and change while eating. It is fruity, but it does not lack the original marzipan flavor. The marzipan goes well with the bitter coating, really nice treat!


The only thing I smell from the outside is dark chocolate and typical Marzipan. The actual marzipan smells a little tarter and so is the taste. I like the huge amount of nuts in it, and I like it even more that the pistachio is dominating the flavor. I’ve eaten marzipan before in which the almonds were more intensive than the pistachio and this was a bummer. Not with this version, I like it even more than the pineapple one!


Espresso treats will never be my thing, so I’d rather not rate this version. Still, I need to say something about it. What I like about it is this marzipan, is that after the really dominant and intensive coffee aroma wears off, there still is the actual marzipan flavor. Therefore I find it suiting for all those of you who really like the taste of coffee, as well as for marzipan-lovers. Even I ate both of the espresso marzipan chocolates inside the package, so you see, it wasn’t even too appalling to me 🙂 And I have to admit that the combination of marzipan and espresso goes really well with the bitter chocolate coating!


Last one in the row is the classical orange marzipan version. Lots of chocolates contain orange marzipan, so basically, I knew what I had to expect. Somehow the texture is different from the other marzipan versions, however this happened. It is a little drier and firmer, the chocolate coating tends to crumble apart. I miss the juiciness the other marzipan chocolates have. The orange flavor is kind of balanced, but the aftertaste overshadows the actual marzipan flavor a little. Even though I usually really like orange-flavored marzipan, I’d chose the pineapple version over it.

So, all in all I liked this marzipan-chocolate “collection”, but the orange version was a little odd. Next time I’m going to try the new “flavor of the year” forrestberry marzipan version and I’m really looking forward to testing it! Further, I’ve already started to try their Christmas range…Geek, amazingly delicious!

7 out of 10

Name: Marzipan classics
Branch: Niederegger
Price: 2.95 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories + Fat?


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