M&M’s peanut butter

First thing I noticed on this bag was a note at the top left: Real peanut butter. Why does the bag say that the treat is with ‘real peanut butter’ ? Is there some fake one out there? Does anyone know more than I do?

Their size is a little taller than usual m&m’s. They are even taller than the peanut filled ones, but flatter, shaped rather like the chocolate ones. They come with three different layers: At first we have the colored sugarcoating, thin and crispy. Then there is an about three millimeters thick milk chocolate coating followed by a peanut butter center.

The coating is basically sweet. They use different artificial colors for it and the colors all taste slightly different. I’m not sure why, but I always find the warmer colors (yellow, orange, red…) fruitier than the colder ones. Unfortunately, I do not have any green ones in my bag =(

The milk chocolate layer definitely is typical m&m style. It is rich of chocolate, creamy and milky and contains a balanced amount of sugar. Now let’s turn to the best part: The peanut butter used for the center is rather smooth texture wise; not as crumbly as usual peanut butter. I’m reminded of caramel somehow. The taste is really salty. Compared to Reese’s products I miss a little sweetness when I eat it separated from the rest of the m&m. Still, mixed up with the coating and the milk chocolate, the overall taste is really balanced: The sweetness and the salty taste are almost even and the dominating flavor changes all the time. I really enjoyed this bag of m&m’s, one of the best I’ve ever had (just because I am totally into peanut butter xD)

8 out of 10

Name: M&M’s peanut butter
Branch: Mars
Calories: 240 kcal per bag
Fat: 14g per bag


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    Rodzilla said,

    I think they are comparing their peanut butter center to reeses pieces more peanut powder type center

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