Lindt Yoghurt-Raspberry-Vanilla chocolate

There is an enormous amount of Lindt summer chocolates this year. Either just as a finger bar, or as 100g bars. This is one of those which are just available as 40g sticks.

The white milk chocolate coating smells like a milk-vanilla mixture and reminds me of a vanilla ice-cream. The taste is rather sweet and very milky, just as a good white chocolate should taste, while the raspberry filling is really sour and fresh. The sourest parts are the pieces of raspberry inside the filling. Without the coating they are really sour; combined with the coating they take away some of the sweetness and blend in really well. They are colored dark pink while the rest is lighter. The raspberry taste is testable all the time throughout the bar, and so is the vanilla, though the vanilla is rather an omnipresent pleasant by-taste. Just the right amount for this bar to not take away the freshness.

Even without putting it into the fridge the coating is rather solid, but still melts easily and becomes really creamy inside your mouth. Further, the filling is very crumbly at room temperature, I don’t really want to know what happens to the texture if you put the treat into the fridge as advised.. I won’t try that because I don’t like cold chocolate as all the aromas and flavors get lost when it is cold, or at least they lose a lot of their intensity.
But maybe this bar becomes even fresher, even if it lacks in flavors when you eat it directly out of the fridge.

It is autumn now, but I still like eating all those fruity & fresh summer chocolate bars!

8 out of 10

Name: Yoghurt-Raspberry-Vanilla chocolate
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro per 100g bar, 0.95 Euro per 40g par
Calories: 547kcal per 100g
Fat: 34g per 100g


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  1. 1

    Andy said,

    Hi thx for posting this 🙂 any idea where I could buy it?

    • 2

      NoSunToday said,

      Uhm, it’s not available right now, I’ve read that you can purchase it again in April (at least in Germany). But I’ve no idea where to get it somewhere else in the world, unless you go to a German store or order it on the internet.

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