Ferrero Garden lemon

It looks exactly like the coconut versions, except for the rasps: It has more solid sugar rasps on it which tend to fall off more easily and provide a really cool and fresh lemon aroma. Though, if you get nearer and sense the white chocolate coating as well, I find the chocolate scent a little disturbing.

This time the fondand crème is absolutely awesome. I am reminded of a really good lemon taste with a self made citrus-sugarcoating without that artificial stuff that comes in those ready to bake packages.
The almond itself is hardly distinguishable from the lemon taste, as the lemon is really strong in here. It is simply used as an addition to the texture. Some may find that this is a pity, but I believe that’s just alright: If the nutty taste was stronger, the freshness could be reduced and for me this really fresh lemon flavor is what makes this chocolate unique and worth trying, especially in summer!

It might has not a really chocolaty-taste and I believe they could have left out the really thin white chocolate coating, but even this small amount of chocolate adds an edge to the treat I like. It is not there for the creaminess, but rather a milky bytaste which is not possible to sense all the time. As I said, it is a bytaste.

After trying this one, I know that I really NEED to get hold of the other Ferrero Garden versions: The summer and the nut edition as well. I had never even thought of me liking those chocolates, as I’ve never been much of a fan of Ferrero Rocher when I was younger. But since I started reviewing things, I’ve gotten used to the feeling that there is a lot out there I like without even knowing it…

8 out of 10

Name: Ferrero Garden Lemon
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 4 chocolates: 0.69 Euro
Calories:  47kcal per piece 8.4g
fat: 3.3g per piece


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    ovsanna arshakyan said,


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    John Smith said,

    Might want to reread some of those sentences, there are huge grammatical errors.

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