Ritter Sport Winter-creation: Orange marzipan

I proudly present the last winter chocolate bar by Ritter Sport. Oh and today I saw them at a huge supermarket for sale! Hope you’ll get yours soon! The bars are also available as miniatures, which probably are best if you just want to try them! If you can, you really need to try those non-alcoholic winter editions!

First question: Can you see the difference to the normal marzipan chocolate by Ritter Sport? Right, this one is coated with a whole milk chocolate instead of a semi-sweet version. This is a personal minus for me; marzipan and milk chocolate in combination are usually way too sweet. And the third winter creation also with a common whole milk? Where is the diversion?
This basically means that sugar has to be the first ingredient, followed my almonds. 16% of almonds is not that much considered the marzipan filling makes 44% of the treat. Logically, this implies the marzipan consists of 36% pure almonds while the rest is sugar. Well, I can live with that but more almonds would have been better! 3.3% of orange-concentrate provides this intensive orange aroma which is definitely dominating the treat. Yet, it is nice and not too overwhelming, adding a good amount of fruity freshness to the treat.

Pretty decent milk chocolate meets a really good orange marzipan in here, I am positively surprised after my first whole-milk chocolate impression. This one is sweet but not sickly, the fruit rather adds a sour edge to the treat, which also sticks to you after the chunk in your mouth has gone. Not a bad after-taste at all, I’ve tried worse! The orange does not bury the marzipan, so that you won’t taste anything but orange, the almonds in the marzipan are pretty good noticeable!

The texture is a little too smooth to meet my personal favorite, just because we have to deal with a smooth milk chocolate, which still has a little crack left, but above all has this typical milky melt. The marzipan is raw, but not too craggy, and smooth, I enjoy the feeling it leaves on my tongue.

So, at first I thought this would be my favorite, even though I am not in favor of marzipan covered with milk chocolate. After trying all of them, I think they are all almost even. All three Winter-bars have their advantages and disadvantages, but all in all they are really nice and outmatch some of Ritter Sport’s all-year product range!

8 out of 10

Name: orange marzipan
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: ???kcal per 100g
Fat: ???g per 100g


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