Niederegger Classical Marzipan

I like the smell of the thick bitter chocolate coating the marzipan, especially as I know that there will be a nutty marzipan filling inside waiting for me to be eaten. The smell of the marzipan is nutty and not as sugary as marzipan sometimes is.

The chocolate is rather bitter, but  it still has a mild bitterness. And for me, marzipan goes best with dark chocolate, especially if you have all those cheap sweet marzipan versions, with just too few almonds. And even if you have more almonds than sugar in the marzipan, this still is a really good combination (there is a reason for the stick being the ‘classical’ version, right!?).

The marzipan is really nutty and you can sense the balanced amount of almonds and sugar in it. It is not the best marzipan out there, but a really good one. They claim it to be basic marzipan quality and it definitely is almost like that. For me, this is really important when it comes to marzipan. The stick contains 34% marzipan and 20% of the entire bar consists of almonds, so there are more than 50% almonds in the marzipan and other than the walnut-rum version, you can really taste that.

The crispy bitter chocolate and the smooth marzipan make a great contrasting texture: Firm on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside. The marzipan is smooth, but you can feel the typical rough marzipan texture on your tongue. This is just what I want from a marzipan stick with a chocolate coating. With almost 0.4cm you can call the coating thick and there is more chocolate than marzipan, but together this is just the perfect balance.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any nutrition information, neither on the package nor on their homepage.

Simple, but delicious! Very well done! And take a look at it, isn’t it a beauty?

9 out of 10

Name: Classical Marzipan
Branch: Niederegger
Price: 0.95 Euro
Size: 40g
Calories: ???
Fat: ???


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