Rowntree’s Jelly Tots

I know I tend to stick to chocolate reviews, simply because I prefer eating chocolate, but every now and then there is other candy I’d like to show you: I got a small snack sized bag with those tiny dots from a candy swap and I was really keen on them from the day I got them. Though, it took me some time to get to try them, mainly as I did not make too good experiences with Rowntree’s products (not because the products I tried were bad-tasting, just because I almost lost my teeth while trying to chew them xD).

These jellies are supposed to be smooth and come with a sugar coating. Their size is about thumbnail size, so they are smaller than the usual jelly gums I know. You can actually see that there aren’t any artificial colors used in their production, the colors are pretty decent and I find them really nice.

They come in five different flavors.

My first impression of the yellow  lemon version is: sweet. No sourness, no fruit, simply sweet. After the sugar coating wears off (which takes some time!), I sense a slightly citrus-like flavor, but it does not get sour like citrus is supposed to be.

Orange is even sweeter, but really fruity. I like the orange flavor a lot in here, something I usually don’t do, as I’m not a huge fan of orange flavored jelly. But the fruit is totally natural and tasty!

Strawberry is surprising. Most tots in there are strawberry flavored and I guess I know why: They are fruity, turn sour soon after you made your way through the sugary coating, juicy and not too artificial. Nice!

The green ones are lime and yes, they are a little sourer than the lemon ones. Though, I find them the most artificial in here, but I think lime is in general rarely a well done flavor. I like lime, but most of the time I’m spoiled by lime-flavored jellies.

The last ones I try are the blackcurrant ones. I always try to let them be the last version, as I really love blackcurrant and I am better at remaining objective without trying them first. Unfortunately, there are only four blackcurrant tots in the entire bag (while strawberry is available 12 times or so), but that probably is random. But to be honest – they are not as good as I hoped them to be. The strawberry tots are way better and fruitier and somehow I am glad there are only four in the entire bag, as they are (except for the lime version) my least favorite…

I was kind of confused about the texture. Basically they are smooth, but more solid than soft foam and some other sugar-coated jelly. Yet, there were a few among them, which differed from the rest, coming with a really soft texture. I was a little confused in the beginning, but that’s nothing I’d worry about too much, they are nice!

What I also like about them is that they are suitable for vegetarians. This is cool because they are smooth, which is not always the case with vegetarian-friendly jelly (except for the real soft-jelly made with pectin).

So, all in all they are pretty decent jellies. I enjoyed eating them and if I was out for a sweet sugar coated jelly treat with a fruity taste, I’d take them into consideration.

7 out of 10

Name: Rowntree’s Jelly Tots
Branch: Nestlé UK
Price: ?
Calories: 146kcal per bag
Fat: –

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