Reese’s Dark Peanut butter cups

When I saw THIS recently, I immediately thought of the dark Reese’s Cup I’ve tried a while ago. It is not too easy getting Reese’s products in Germany, and I ordered it from the US in spring. I love the smell of salty peanut butter, especially the peanut butter made by Hershey’s. And in combination with my favorite type of chocolate, I cannot help but to look forward to trying this chocolate treat. I did not really like the white version, but I was very fond of the original peanut butter cup, so I was curious about this dark edition.

The aroma-mixture of the semi-sweet chocolate and the sweet’n’salty peanut butter is just awesome. It does not smell as sweet as the usual peanut butter cups, one can sense that the chocolate is actually rich of cocoa, and on the inside the peanut butter dominates the aroma. Nice and tempting.

At first there is this (for an Hershey product) really rich semisweet chocolate coating. I’ve never tasted such a well done dark chocolate in an American mass-produced bar before. It is not too bitter though and contains a little more sugar than we would do in Germany, but it is tasty, I really enjoy this chocolate!

It does not take too long until the chocolate mixes up with the salty Reese’s peanut butter I am so fond of.  I did not need too long for me to totally fall for this treat.

The texture of the cup is a little more solid than the other versions, especially the middle of the round cup. The chocolate is smooth but does not melt as easily, what I really prefer, because I remember the milk chocolate version melting away before it was in my mouth. It still is pretty soft for a dark chocolate. The peanut butter is soft and smooth, but is still leaves a slightly raw feeling on your tongue, which I found very nice.


8 out of 10

Name: Reese’s Dark Peanut butter cups
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 1.05 Euro
Calories: 210kcal per serving
Fat: 14g per serving

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