Ritter Sport Dark Whole nut

As my last review did not appear on my blog somehow, I’ll add it later on. For now, I’d like to present you the Ritter Sport of the week: Dark whole nut. There are three different whole nut versions made by Ritter Sport on the market at the moment: A milk chocolate, a white and a dark version. I’ve already reviewed the white one recently, which I really enjoyed! It has been introduced to the market back in 2002 and was oficially named product of the year in 2003. Congrats!

The chocolate is a mid-darkish color and its smell isn’t too bitter, just a little acrider than semi-sweet chocolate. The chocolate aroma is stronger than the nuts on the inside, only at the back of the bar you can glimpse a slightly nutty aroma. But as soon as you break the chocolate into its containers, you sense the richness of nut in there: Huge whole nuts!

The dark chocolate is, as expected, not too bitter. Just the aftertaste turns a little roasty as usual dark chocolate. Otherwise it is sweet; almost a little too sweet. I’m reminded of their plain semi-sweet chocolate treat which is not called “dark”. I’m a little spoiled by the “dark” whole nut name, as a semi-sweet chocolate is not really dark in my opinion. Anyway, for a semi-sweet chocolate it is alright, not too well done but eatable.

Personally, I even like the combination of not too bitter chocolate and the delicious hazelnuts in there. They both make the treat pretty balanced, while real dark chocolate in combination with nuts can turn very acerb.

The chocolate’s texture is smooth and its bite is soft, while the nuts are really solid and therefore chewy and crunchy. I enjoy the fact that the nuts are not dry at all, even though this treat I have in front of me is three months beyond the best before date. The chocolate hasn’t turned white as well, so basically one can say, not only the texture is good, but also the quality of the treat can pretty much keep up with more expensive chocolates! Anyway, I think it is a beauty 🙂

7 out of 10

Name: Dark whole nut
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 556kcal per 100g
Fat: 40g per 100g


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    […] let’s focus on the chocolate: If you’ve read my white and dark whole nut reviews, there is just little left to say. Whole nut comes with the same huge whole […]

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    John Hajdu said,

    This is exactly what I am looking for, but can only find the milk chocolate variety which I do not want.

    Do you know where I can buy it in London.

    Many thanks.


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