Ritter Sport White whole-nut

I have to admit I’m a little late on this, but the RitterSport of the week is the white whole-nut edition, a chocolate which has been in the Ritter range for 20 years now. It is one of the products that is available all around the world. Here you can see the German blog entry.

When you see this chocolate, you can actually feel the nuts crunching before you try it. Huge nuts with an 11-13mm diameter fill this white-yellowish treat to the fullest. While the top looks like just every other Ritter Sport bar, you can see those huge hazelnuts on the bottom.

The scent of this nutty treat is sweet, milky and comes with a glimpse of vanilla. And of course, there are nuts, lots of nuts contributing to the smell.

When I bite into this crunchy bar, I sense this sweet vanilla-milk flavor first, and somehow I am remembered of a delicious breakfast bar. The nutty hazelnut flavor sets in as soon as you hit a nut, and even though hazelnuts are rather sweet nuts, they take away lots of the sugar in the chocolate, which I really appreciate! The nuts make the dominant part then, without pushing the chocolate to the background; it is rather as if they communicate with each other, if you know what I mean.

It is a little difficult to break, as the nuts fall out of the bar or break into pieces. Their hard and solid texture makes a good contrast to this amazingly creamy chocolate. The balance between chocolate and nuts is very well done, as there are mainly nuts, but there is enough chocolate to prevent the bar from getting dry.

9 out of 10

Name: white wholenut
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: 562kcal per 100g
Fat: 38g per 100g


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    Deliyah said,

    Hello my friend, found your blog via google. 😉
    LOVE your blog and LOVE that you write it in English!
    Thumbs up! ❤


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    […] let’s focus on the chocolate: If you’ve read my white and dark whole nut reviews, there is just little left to say. Whole nut comes with the same huge […]

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