Ritter Sport Mousse Au Chocolate

To celebrate the arrival of my Ritter Sport ambassador package, I simply need to write a Ritter Sport review. Tomorrow or on Thursday I will show you the package, it is really huge and I totally freaked out when I got it!

Ritter Sport produces immensely delicious chocolate bars, especially if you take into account the really cheap price of their bars. This is a perfect example of why German chocolate is so popular out in the world. Still, I was not too sure of this chocolate. I thought it would be totally bitter because this has the darkest available Ritter Sport packaging: It is colored deeply black. But bitter mousse au chocolate?

And the dark chocolate shell definitely does not lack any bitterness; a little roasty and it reminds me of coffee. The inside smells bitter as well, but not as acerb as the coating. It is only slightly lighter and for a mousse au chocolate the texture seems really solid. The bar looks like a real beauty: The dark coating is smooth and shiny, very nice to look at!

In fact, the dark chocolate shell comes with a nice amount of bitterness, it only has a roasty by-taste; all in all, the chocolate is not as intensive as I thought it would be. The shell is really rich of cocoa, and so is the mousse. Usually, I would consider mousse au chocolate rather as sweet than acerb, but there definitely is no surplus of sugar in there, just as the package color indicates. Still, there is some sweetness that makes the bar not too bitter. I like it, especially as mousse au chocolate chocolate treats really tend to be sickly!

While the coating is solid and crunchy, enjoyable to chew, the mousse is firm but smooth at the same time. It is not as creamy as a common mousse, but as soon as it melts, the creaminess is really nice. The combination of the coating, which is by the way not creamy at all, just like a dark chocolate should be, is nice.

All in all, this is a decent chocolate bar by Ritter Sport. It cannot compete with high-quality confectionary chocolate, but for a popular brand product I’d really recommend it to you. It can’t outrun the Lindt mousse au chocolate dark bar, which filling is a little sweeter, but the mousse filling is actually a mousse!

7 out of 10

Name: Mousse Au Chocolate
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 544kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g
Size: 100g


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