Kinder joy

It is kind of difficult to categorize this candy… A milk snack/candy? However, this ‘egg’ consists of 45% milk crème, 22% hazelnut-cocoa-crème and two small crispy hazelnut balls coated with mid-bitter chocolate.

It is said to be the summer version of the Kinder surprise eggs, but to be honest, they don’t have a lot in common at all. It comes with a plastic spoon to eat it, and it is really difficult to try it without any tool, as the crèmes are simply too liquid.

The two crèmes are really smooth and melt away immediately. The milk version reminds me of the Kinder chocolate bar which is filled with a similar milk crème. This version’s flavor is alike the familiar filling, but the texture is smoother: While the milk crème’s texture in the bar is rather similar to a chocolate texture, this one is as soft and liquid as a real crème filling in a praline. The flavor is indeed sweet, but the milky taste dominates it, which is really nice to eat; or rather suck.
The hazelnut crème reminds me of Nutella, but that’s what I expected, knowing that Nutella is produced by Ferrero as well: Really rich of nut, but horrifying sweet at the same time. I remember sitting in the living room with my Nutella-breakfast and watching TV when I was about six or seven.

Only the balls top half is covered with chocolate, the bottom sticks in the crèmes and their plain wafer is on the outside if you. It’s not so crunchy wafer is filled with a more liquid and less rich of nut version of the hazelnut crème. The dark chocolate coating and crumbles on the outside are the main flavor in here, and I enjoy them most, as they are not as sweet as the crème which surrounds the balls.

All in all, I enjoyed trying this egg! The constellation is quite unique, especially the milk crème thing. Ferrero always seems to be creative with their products and they always seem to have nice ideas of how to invent something new. Of course this is no high quality product, but it is really delicious and worth trying, especially for it’s price. Would I buy it for myself? I’m unsure about that, but that’s only because I like to have a greater amount of chocolate; but I’d certainly recommend trying  it!

7 out of 10

Name: Kinder Joy
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 0.69 Euro


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  1. 1

    Rodzilla said,

    I’ve been wanting to try these for so long but are pretty hard to find in US. I may need to just breakdown and order.

    I’m a little dissapointed to hear that only the top half of the ball is chocolate, seems like a cheap move from kinder.

  2. 3


    I am quite interested for distributorship of kinder joy chocolate in rourkela (Odisha)

  3. 4

    Strange. I have heard they are the uhm.. special edition of Kinder Surprise eggs? As in, stupid kids today eat plastic, so they had to separate the pieces. In Scandinavia we still have the normal Eggs, this is supposed to have replaced in several European countries, and maybe the US aswell.

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