Ritter Sport chocolate crème

This week,the new Ritter Sport version chocolate creme is Ritter’s chocolate of the week. As Ritter Sport was so kind to send me some samples of their latest 250g bar, I will write my review right now! A German review can already be found on Candyholics . What is a pity is that this bar now replaces the crunchy caramel bar, which was a little too sweet, but still a nice crunchy chocolate. Anyway, maybe the bar is better?!

This is milk chocolate filled with a chocolate crème with embedded crispy rice nibs and cornflakes. I find this composition really tempting and I’ve been thrilled to try this version since I’ve read about it somewhere on the internet. And I’m usually not the milk-chocolate guy. But what I need to say about this bar is: 250g are way too large for a chocolate bar! Nope, I never liked that and I never will!

Even though the bar is “just” a production sample, the chocolate looks absolutely gorgeous. The milk chocolate is comparably dark, smooth and without any scratches. The chocolate-cocoa crème in there coming with the rice crisps is a little lighter, dotted with many tiny crunchy puffed rice balls.

The bar crunches when you break it, it is a nice smooth crunch that promises a level of crunchiness that is still nice for a chocolate, and I suppose that the crunch dominates over the crème in there, which I personally would really like. The smell is, for a low cocoa chocolate, very rich of cocoa, not a sweet Nesquik like cocoa, but richer, milkier and above all, a little less sweet.

Let’s first turn to the texture: The chocolate bar provides a very balanced mixture of a nice mid-solid chocolate shell, a smooth but not too soft crème and some crunch. It could be a little crunchier and less creamy, but it still is nice. It is like, you can let the shell and the crème melt, while chewing a little on the rice balls to gain some chewiness. Sometimes there is more bite than others, this varies with the amount of rice balls at one place.

The taste…Well, I was overwhelmed by the first impression the chocolate shell gave to me: For a milk chocolate really rich of cocoa, this is one of the better milk hocolates by Ritter! Of course it is sweet and milky, but there is this strong cocoa flavor in between that makes this chocolate really tasty. The crème with its rice crisps is a little sweeter and less chocolate like than the shell. There is a huge amount of milk and yet it keeps its cocoa-like base flavor. I am not too fond of this creme, though. Unfortunately, this creamy sweetness turns the chocolate sickly easily, which is a pity; but for those of you who have a sweet tooth, this can be an absolutely delicious milk chocolate treat!

7.5 out of 10

Name: chocolate Creme
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99
Calories: 578kcal per 100g
Fat: 40.0g per 100g
Size: 250g

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