Lindt Strawberry milk-crème

It’s been a while since I wrote about the colors of season edition produced by Lindt, and I haven’t reviewed all of them yet. This one is the red-colored strawberry milk-creme bar.

This bar is as beautifully wrapped as the milk crème-nut and caramel version. I don’t really get what season the heart stands for, but maybe someone of you can help me out?
I checked the ingredients list, and except of some citrus aroma there is nothing in the chocolate, I did not expect to be there. 17% of milk powder seems pretty balanced and gives me hope that the alpine milk chocolate will be rather tasty, even for me.

The intensive aroma of the fruit inside the chocolate gets to you as soon as you open the foil. This time it is a really fresh and fruity scent of strawberry that fills your nose. It is stronger than the smell of chocolate, but you can still sense the milky and sweet scent of typical Lindt alpine chocolate.

Like the forest berry bar, it contains a small milk crème layer topped with a light pink yoghurty strawberry crème with embedded pieces of strawberries. It really smells like a yummy fresh yohurt.

However, the taste is not as fresh and fruity as I expected it to be, but still alright. It is really sweet and the milk dominates the overall taste of the treat. Especially the creamy alpine-chocolate coating adds a huge amount of milk to the bar. The strawberry pieces are chewy and delicious, I like the fact that there is a lot of fruit in the filling. Further, as soon as there are some more large pieces at one place, it gets slightly sour for a moment and the sweetness is compensated most of the time. As you can see, the bar is really versatile in taste, depending on how much fruit is in there.

One end of a container is always filled just with  the milk crème, while the other has only the strawberry filling. I guess that’s just because of the production process. There is a really strong milk flavor on the milky side and I miss the freshness in there. For a short moment I am reminded of the Ferrero Kinder chocolate, just that the chocolate itself is way creamier. The other side is really cool and fruity, probably the best part of the entire bar.

I guess it will also taste nice when you put it in the fridge. Unlike this one, some of the other special summer versions this year are made to be eaten cold, but I can imagine that this bar would be a great cooled chocolate as well!

7.5 out of 10

Name: Strawberry-milkcreme
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: 575kcal per 100g
Fat: 39g per 100g


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