M&M’s crispy

I’ve always been a fan of M&Ms when I was a child. Suddenly, I stopped eating them and never tried the blue crisp version when it first came out in Germany. Now, I am about to change that!
Those m&m’s come with the typical sugar layer, the 61% milk chocolate layer, filled with a crispy rice center. Their size is somewhere between the nut and the plain chocolate version. In Germany, they are the most recent version as we have only three ones.
They come in Yellow, green, orange, red, green, brown and blue and from what I see they are less colored than they were some years ago.

The milk chocolate is sweet and rich of chocolate, it provides the typical m&m’s flavor I am still used to even though I haven’t eaten them in a while. It is a little compensated by the filling, but is definitely is there. The coating could be a little thicker. If you try to let the chocolate melt, it just needs a few seconds to get to the center; I wish the chocolate taste would last longer!

The texture is really crispy for such a small filling. It is lighter than the malt-filling of maltesers and the texture is less crunchy as well. The taste is not comparable at all. Maltesers are way sweeter and contain a thicker chocolate filling. Plus, rice and malt do not have a lot in common as a filling. The malt has a stronger unique flavor. Personally I think the rice center does not taste really good after you’ve let all the chocolate melt around it. Without the cocoa-flavor, the rice center tastes like plain cereal, not really tempting. I guess it is made to eat it together with the chocolate, as the mixture goes really well.

First, I had only one orange colored drop. Further, there was a really tiny blue one which had just a small rice center, totally cute this little guy! Also, I had just three red colored balls in there, but I do not miss them at all, because I find them the least good-looking balls. I noticed that the size and shape of them really differ. Not a big point, but still worth mentioning, as m&m’s are always portrayed as if they all looked alike.

Unfortunately, I haven’t reviewed the other versions yet, but the blue rice center version is by far my least favorite of them. I still enjoyed the treat, but I probably would rather go for something different!

6 out of 10

Name: M&M’s Crispy
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.60 Euro per 36g bag
Calories: 492kcal per 100g, 177kcal per 36g bag
Fat: 24.4g per 100g, 8.8g per 36g bag


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  1. 1

    Fabi said,

    I like them. Not as good as the one with the peanut inside, but I love it.

  2. 3

    Matt said,

    I like these too. Haven’t seen them around much lately. This review reminded me of them actually. I will look harder next time…

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