Ritter Sport Almond

Usually, I am a huge fan of chocolate with embedded almonds, and therefore I think it is a pity most chocolate bars are filled with hazelnuts. Ritter Sport has a very huge range when it comes to nuts, and so it happens that they offer two different almond bars. The 100g bar comes with whole almonds, while the mini version in the RItterSport Mix comes with smashed almonds. First, I tried the smaller sibling with the smashed almonds.

This bar contains a lot of minced almonds throughout the entire bar. You see some of the nut pieces shining through the chocolate. It smells really nutty from the outside and even nuttier on the inside. For a start, really tempting for a nut lover.

Of course, this bar is everything but boring. Lots of nut-pieces make the bar chewy, and as soon as the chocolate starts to melt, I start to chew on the almonds, to mix them up with the chocolate layer. The milk chocolate is really smooth and has a good fatty melt. It basically is creamy, but due to all the nut in there, you will not be able to enjoy the creaminess. Even though the bar is really rich of nut and therefor chewy, I miss some real crunch. I guess I can find that in the whole almond chocolate bar.

The flavor is really rich of milk and this milky flavor mixes up with an intensive almond-nutty aroma. The actual chocolate stays a little in the background, you can sense the cocoa as less as you can feel the creaminess of the bar. With fewer pieces of nut, it would be easier to enjoy the actual chocolate and its flavor. Yet I can say something in favor of all the nuts: The sweetness of the milk chocolate cannot get the upper hand anytime in here, which I personally think is great!

So, all in all, it is a nice treat, even though not RitterSport’s best!

6.5 out of 10

Name: Almond
Branch: RitterSport
Price: 1.35 Euro for the entire package
Size: 16.5g
Calories: 546kcal per 100g
Fat: 37g per 100g

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