Ritter Sport bar of the week: Halbbitter/semisweet chocolate

This is one of the oldest Ritter Sport bars, being introduced 1950. The cocoa for this chocolate comes from three different nations: Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and West Africa; and the treat contains 50% of pure cocoa. Just click on the link to see some old fashioned advertisements of this chocolate. Today, it looks like this:

I haven’t tried this chocolate lately, but there was a time when I lived vegan (yeah, really…) when I ate this bar very often, so I remember it well; back then there were not too many options except for really bitter chocolate which I did not really like when I was younger. But the semisweet chocolate was a great option for me back then: It is not too bitter, and has some sweetness left, and yet there is a scent of the roastiness of dark chocolate that tends to taste a little like coffee.

Being ‘just’ semisweet, the texture is somewhere between smooth and solid. The melt is not really creamy anymore, and I can remember that I really had to get used to this texture, being only familiar with smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

This chocolate is the perfect chocolate for someone who wants to explore “the dark site”, haha. I’d really recommend this bar if you want to try something different from the sweet sugary taste of milk chocolate, but fear really dark chocolate!
I’m sorry I do not have any real chocolate pics of it on my computer right now, I just read that this is the chocolate of the week and so I needed to write about it because it went a long way with me!

I’d give this bar a decent 7 out of 10!

Name: Semisweet chocolate
Branch: RitterSport
Size: 100g
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 525kcal per 100g
Fat: 33g per 100g


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