Katjes tropical yogurt gums

These gummies are the siblings of the original Katjey yoghurt gums, but with tropical flavors. The main difference to their older siblings is: They always come in a two-flavor combination. For the review, I tried each flavor on its own.

Passionfruit is the lightest pink in there. It is fruity and juicy, and rather sweet. Maybe a little too sweet for a passionfruit. I still enjoy it.

Kiwi is awesome. It is colored light green and tastes like a sweet, mellow kiwi fruit. Even sweeter than the passion fruit, but it goes well with the kiwi flavor.

Yellow is mango, instead of the expected pineapple. You can clearly taste the mango, but I’d like it a little fresher and a little sourer.

I’ve never seen a jelly flavored like a prickly pear before. The taste is rather tropical and you cannot really sense the specific fruit, but it is good anyway, the best one so far.

The mid pink one is papaya. Again, it tastes like a mix of tropical fruit. Not bad, though.

The last one is orange and guess what, it is orange-flavored. Well, it tastes rather like a lemonade drink and reminds me of my childhood. So, a little less added sugar would be great.

All in all, I’ve tried better but also worse jelly before.Suitable for vegetarians, I’d definitely recommend those jellies to them! Yet, the original yoghurt gums are unbeatable!

6.5 out of 10

Name: tropical yogurt gums
Branch: Katjes
Price: 0.69 Euro


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