Maltesers original

After I was totally amazed by the white Maltersers, I always wanted to try the original milk chocolate version. In Germany they are only available in big 250g packages and up to now I could not get over myself to buy a bag of them. When I had to visit a doctor in my neighbor town, I missed my bus back home and went into a gas station near the bus station and guess what? They had the original maltesers version available and I purchased it. A day later I received another bag of maltesers in a swap. Pretty cool, ha!

I am slightly disappointed by the taste of those balls.  They are good, I cannot deny that, but after I’ve tried the white version, I think I am a little biased.
The milk chocolate layer is milky and creamy. It is not too rich of chocolate and they have a malty bytaste. It is also very sweet, I sense similarities to milka chocolate. It is not bad though! The malt filling is exactly as I expected it to be: crunchy, but mixes up quite well with the chocolate. The taste is difficult to describe: It is milder than malt bonbons, but I can hardly draw any parallels to other sweets, Maltesers simply is unique. Together they make a chewy but smooth mixture. The malt likes to stick to your teeth which can get a little annoying, but it does not stay there for long.

I’d rather go for a bag of m&m’s, but they still are a really good alternative if you don’t want too much chocolate.

Addition: Well, now I tried the British version as well and I have to say, their taste is different from the Austrian version! Being used the rather German chocolate taste, I’d prefer the Austrian one, as the British maltesers are way sweeter and after half a bag they really got sickly. Further, I believe the malt filling is a little softer as within the previous version I tried.

Name: Maltesers
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 184kcal per bag 498kcal per 100g
Fat: 9.0g per bag, 24.3g per 100g


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