Hershey’s Take 5

It is crunchy, chewy, but still does not lack a smooth and creamy component. The components are chocolate, pretzels and peanut butter. Nice combination in my eyes, and quite unique in Germany.

The chocolate coating is different from the usual chocolate taste of Hershey’s. It is richer of chocolate and less sweet than usual. But it is still sweet enough to balance the salty pretzel and peanut butter mix. The peanuts embedded in the top of the coating and the peanut butter provide a really nutty taste. The pretzels are pretty solid and different from usual German pretzels. They are less salty, even the peanut butter is saltier.

The mixture is absolutely fabulous. At first you sense the slightly salted pretzels, then the peanut butter mixing up with the sweetness of the caramel layer and the milk chocolate. It leaves a salty aftertaste in your mouth which is much better than a sickly chocolate bar.

Thumbs up!

8 out of 10

Name: Take 5
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 0.95 Euro
serving size: 42g
Calories: 200kcel per serving
Fat: 11g per serving


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