Ritter Sport Cocoa nibs and nut

The organic treats from Ritter Sport are only sized 65g and a little more expansive; and usually you can taste the difference here! Otherwise they look exactly the same as their cheaper siblings, just the containers are smaller. This is the first organic bar I review (I’ve tried three or four), just because I like the combination most. This was also the first organic version I’ve tried, and me eating a whole bar without getting to review it – this seems to be really good stuff!

Look at this bar, doesn’t it look tempting? This mid-brownish, smooth color is really awesome. This chocolate treat smells absolutely delicious. A rich milk chocolate meets hazelnuts and dark cocoa nibs.

And what a chocolate! The chocolate itself is really rich of cocoa, considering it is a milk chocolate! It is not as sweet as usual milk chocolate (35%) and it kind of explodes in your mouth. There are tiny to huge bits of hazelnut in it that make the chocolate crunchy and really nutty. It is just the right amount of nuts to let it melt and chew at the same time. Then there are those awesome cocoa nibs in it. Compared to the nuts they are really small, but the taste is really rich of cocoa and they add a nice ‘real’ chocolaty flavor to the bar. I can hardly let this bar melt because of the filling, but I chew it very slowly and try to enjoy every bit of this delicious thing.

More chocolate like that, please!

9 out of 10

Name: cocoa-nibs and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.99 Euro
Size: 65g
Calories: 498kcal per 100g
Fat:33g per 100g


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