Anthon Berg Marzipan + Cognac

The wrapper of this marzipan bar looks really noble. It is black with golden writing and it reflects things like a mirror.

Uhh, the first thing you realize that there is really a lot of alcohol in it. The bar also has a scent of marzipan, and of course you can smell the bitter chocolate coating, but the alcohol definitely dominates the aroma.  The chocolate coating is comparably thick and crunchy, while the marzipan is really soft and smooth. There is a nice crunch when you chew the bar, and at the same time it mixes perfectly with the marzipan filling.

The overall taste of the bar is rather bitter than sweet, not what I am used of marzipan chocolate. But that really says a lot about the quality of the marzipan in there. At first I thought there were more almonds in there than sugar, but that’s not the case. Probably the alcohol adds some bitterness to the bar. There is ‘only’ 6% of cognac in it, but after a 40g bar you really feel the alcohol that is in there, leave alone tasting it. For me, the flavor could be a little less intensive, but it is not repelling. The three main flavors are really balanced; you can distinguish them pretty well.

The texture wasn’t too good. It was chewy, but I miss this special marzipan-creaminess, if you know what I mean. This melt that still is raw on your tongue, but creamy at the same time.

All in all, I was a little disappointed. Anthon Berg is known as a pretty good marzipan producer, and as soon as I can get hold of a different version, I’ll definitely try it. I got the alcohol one in a surprise bag, so I did not chose it. I would not have gone for the cognac edition at first, even though I like a balanced amount of alcohol in chocolate or marzipan. Still, maybe I was a little spoiled by the amount of alcohol – as plain marzipan seems just the best marzipan version available; and only few components make a delicious addition to a marzipan bar!

6 out of 10

Name: Marzipan – cognac
Branch: Anthon Berg
Price: 2.00 Euro
Calories: 515kcal per 100g, 205kcal per bar
Fat: 30g per 100g, 12g per bar


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    brontozaurel said,

    I actually thought this was the best Anthon Berg marzipan product that I’ve tried.

  2. 3

    Nat said,

    Any idea where I can still buy these? I hear they’ve been discontinued… This is probably, no, scratch that, UNDOUBTEDLY, the best candy I’ve ever tried.

  3. 4

    John Culpepper said,

    I agree this is the best ever. Don’t agree at all with the review!!

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