Ferrero Duplo Whole nut

A flat bar with three hills was definitely not what I expected even though there is an image on the wrapper. I imagined it to look totally different. And I expected the ‘whole nut’ filling to be different as well: The nuts are not nearly filling those huge balls on the bar. (ps.: I found the nuts in the second and third container and they were a lot taller!) The hazelnuts get almost lost in them. Instead, this bar is filled with a dark crème which I expect to be a hazelnut crème; as there could not be 17.5% of hazelnuts in there otherwise.

The treat smells a lot like hazelnut and the filling’s aroma is totally alike Nutella, maybe a little less sweet. Now this treat seems more tempting to me than it was when it lay in my chocolate box under my bed.
The chocolate is alright, I don’t sense a lot of it as it is overpowered by the sweet but nutty hazelnut crème and the nuts inside the bar. The hazelnuts add a really cool “real” nut taste to the sweet hazelnut crème, they make the best part. The wafer tastes alright as well, but they don’t hold anything outstanding.

The texture is nothing over-exciting but very pleasant. The wafer is crispy, and so are the nuts. They make the bar chewy and mix up perfectly with the really fluid crème filling. I am not sure whether I prefer this Duplo over the common original Duplo. It is less sweet and a little more satisfying than a regular Duplo, but in no way it can beat a regular dark Duplo.

6 out of 10

Name: Duplo whole nut
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 0.35 Euro
Calories: 148kcal per serving, 567kcal per 100g
Fat: 10.2g per serving, 39.1g per 100g


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    Cinabar said,

    I love the idea of Duplo with nut – but now also want to try Duplo Dark!

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