Rittersport Forest Berries-yoghurt

This is the third summer edition version of ritter sport and comes with milk chocolate filled with forest berry yogurt.

The smell is fresh and fruity, similar to strawberry or raspberry yogurt. The smell of chocolate is rather in the background, but you still sense the scent of it when holding it closer to your nose.

This one has a very thick bottom topped with purple-pink yogurt. I would have preferred more filling instead of the chocolate, as with Ritter Sport, the filling usually makes the chocolate. The yogurt contains some pieces of fruit and rice flakes, but the rice flakes aren’t really worth mentioning. The filling is the smoothest of the three summer edition fillings, and you might miss some diversion in here. But I wouldn’t call it boring, as it still contrasts the not-too hard chocolate coating well.

The taste is fabulous. At first you taste the sweet milk chocolate melting easily. It is creamy and fills your entire mouth with a nice amount of chocolate flavor. Then, as you get to the filling, there is a fresh and sour yogurt taste with berry-power mixing up with the chocolate. I like the contrast between sour and sweet here, they blend very well and it fits to the summer season.

So, after having tried all the summer versions, I can say that they are some of the best Ritter Sport versions available. I’d love to be able to get them throughout the year, but being on sale only in summer makes them really special and worth buying each year again. I’d really recommend every single flavor of them: stracciatella if you are not into the combination of fruit and chocolate, and the other two versions if you like a yogurt-fruity taste.

And yes, this is my favorite of them!

9 out of 10

Name: Forestberry-yoghurt
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro

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