Ritter Sport Stracciatella

I was so freaking out on this. Stracciatella is my most favorite ice cream and I almost went nuts when I read that Ritter will launch this flavor again this summer.

The scent of the chocolate is really much alike stracciatella ice cream. Really milky mixed up with chocolate. There seems to be vanilla aroma in it as well, which you can also smell.

The chocolate melts really easily, except for the little chocolate splints in the milk crème, which take a little longer to melt. That’s cool, so the soft filling isn’t boring at all, even though there is nothing crunchy in it. It is not as creamy as usual Ritter Sport chocolate, but to be honest, I think this goes very well with the stracciatella, as it simulates the ice-cream freshness and texture a little.

The dominant flavor is the milk chocolate, but as soon as it has melted away, there is this fresh taste of milk in combination with dark chocolate splints. The milk crème filling is really rich of milk, richer than a lot of Kinder milk chocolate, but you can still sense the chocolate aroma in it. The splints make a great contrast, they are rich of chocolate, bitter chocolate, so this bar won’t get sickly.

Really well done, Ritter! This is one of the really good versions and it is a shame that it is only a summer edition.

8.5 out of 10

Name: Stracciatella
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro


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    brontozaurel said,

    The milk creme was too much for me. The chocolate splints were obviously there, but their influence was not as strong as I had hoped.

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