Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

While I don’t post many products made by Hershey’s, I eat a lot of them these day. Those things are called peanut butter cups and those chocolates really live up to their name. Peanut butter is the motto and this is the aroma filling the air as soon as you open the orange Reese’s wrapper just a tiny little bit.

What is a peanut butter cup? For all those who have never seen them: It looks like a round milk-chocolate pie filled with a lot of peanut butter. Sounds simple? Well, it is, but good-tasting chocolate does not need to be a complex invention, right?

The chocolate coating alone is not best quality. It is rather sweet than chocolate-like. I am unsure whether this comes due to the genetically manipulated sugar which is used in the cups or simply the low amount of cocoa compared to the amount of sugar and milk. Well, I cannot sense the milk as good as in other milk chocolates, but it still melts easily just like milk chocolate.

But, as only 55% of the treat consists of chocolate, it is something different that makes the chocolate; and guess what, it is the peanut butter. 45% of peanut butter is quite a lot! Especially for people not used to the nutty and salty peanut butter flavor.
Here we have a smooth and creamy light brown mass of peanut butter. It has a nice amount of salt added to it, which compensates the sweet milk chocolate. The peanut taste is really strong and of course the nutty filling dominates the taste. Soon after you took the first bite, you hardly take notice of the chocolate anymore, except that you need to chew it a little because the peanut butter melts away way faster than the chocolate coating.

A tiny minus is that two of those little cups would not totally satisfy me, I guess because I personally would miss the real chocolate flavor. The three servings version is enough, though. It makes 51grams and weights similar to a usual chocolate bar. For me, this would be the best size to go with, but fortunately they have got mini, singles, two- and three-packs in store for you!

I really enjoyed them and I always will. This is a treat I’d buy in case I was hungry for a chocolate-nutty treat. Nothing to satisfy a pure chocolate hunger, but it is really worth trying for everyone who likes peanuts and peanut butter as much as I do!

8 out of 10

Name: Peanut butter cups
Branch: Hershey’s, Reese’s
Price: 1.59 Euro
Calories: 275kcal per 100g, 88kcal per cup
Fat: 31g per 100g, 5g per cup


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