Nestlé Munchies

Munchies are little thumbnail sized chocolate treats filled with liquid caramel and a (so to call) crunchy cookie. They come wrapped two times: a red paper with the name and the ingredients on it, and a second layer consisting of a dim golden foil.

The mid-thick milk chocolate coating gets thicker at the bottom, and it is just the right amount of chocolate this way. It is not too sweet but still a typical UK chocolate.

The caramel filling is sweet and sticky, but it lacks the real caramel flavor. I am slightly disappointed because I expected it to be different.

The “crispy” ball inside the caramel comes in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes it is placed in the middle and sometimes on one side of the chocolate. The biscuit is rather smooth than crispy, which I think is a pity as I’d really like some more crisp in it. I like it crunchy when there is a biscuit, otherwise, you could leave it out. What is the sense in putting a smooth cookie in a chocolate? The flavor is usually much less intensive than the chocolate, so you hardly notice it. So, it is the crunch that makes a cookie inside a chocolate worth eating. Further, it would have made a great contrast to the liquid caramel..Would have!

Though, he mixture tastes alright, all the components go well with each other. At first there is a strong milk chocolate taste soon mixing up with the caramel. The choco-cookie like flavor is the last that reveals itself and completes the chocolate. The chocolate definitely dominates the overall flavor, accompanied by the sweet taste of sugar from the caramel.

This is eatable and I think some people actually like it, especially if you’re into chocolate filled with a liquid sugary crème.

6 out of 10

Name: Munchies
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 1.09 Euro
Calories: 486kcal per 100g, 266kcal per tube


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    What a great blog…all about candy.
    I love it.
    I mean, you get to eat all of this?…LOL
    Do you also run 10 miles a day?
    Glad I found you via swap-bot!

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