Katjes jelly-fruits

When I was younger I simply hated soft jelly gummies. Why? Just because of the texture. Now I enjoy them every now and them, especially due to the texture. Additionally, soft jelly is fruitier than the usual jelly most of the time. And fruit is the best part of jellies, at least for me. The fruiter, the better.

I’ve been aware of these Katjes version for a long time now, but it wasn’t until after I got some soft jellies for Easter that I decided to give them a try. As usual, the jelly is entirely wrapped; they come in six different flavors. Their size is bigger than the usual jelly, but not too large. Nice to take three or even four small bites. Of course, you can get them down immediately, but personally I think you kill the taste then.

Let’s start with the light red/magenta colored one is supposed to be cherry. It is shaped round and you can only smell the sugar. The cherry flavor is really intensive as soon as the total sweetness wears off. It is a little artificial, but the after taste is not as worse as usually with cherry flavored jellies.

The colorless pineapple shaped and colored jelly tastes a little moldy. The pineapple is not as intensive as the cherry flavor, but I would prefer a fresher taste. It is my least favorite; I just prefer fresh pineapple as a fruit.

Orange is formed as a slice of orange and you can definitely sense the aroma of oranges from the outside, even if it is a weak scent. This one is way too sweet and the flavor is overshadowed by the sweetness of the sugar.

The citrus version is also shaped like a slice of citrus and comes with a yellow color. As expected, this is the sourest jelly so far and the sweetness is really in the back. I really like its freshness and the slightly sour aftertaste.

The green apple is really fresh, not too sweet and not too sour as well.  It tastes like a juicy red apple and is really good!

I hoped the dark blackcurrant one would be my personal favorite would be my favorite, but it is not, the citrus one is way better. This one is really fruity and has the most intensive taste of actual fruit. Though, it lacks a kick of freshness and I miss a sour edge as well.

All in all, yes, they are sweet, but with sugarcoated soft jelly gums this is usually what you expect to taste. I liked them though. Compared to some cheap soft jelly products, they are really delicious and worth trying. Especially fruit-wise.

There is an oriental version as well… unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get hold of them yet… 😦

7 out of 10

Name: jelly-fruits
Branch: Katjes
Price: 0.89 Euro
Calories: 337kcal per 100g
Fat: 0.1g per 100g

3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Ana said,

    Compared to other jellies, they’re quite nice. The citrus, the orange and the apple were my favourites and the pineapple was the one I liked least as well.

  2. 2

    Sakura said,

    I always thought that the white one was pear, as it is the shape of half a pear!

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