Ferrero Duplo

I cannot remember how many advertisements I saw on the tv of this chocolate bar, I know they were really annoying me when I was younger. Today, I don’t really watch a lot of tv, so I do not get to see them. But, surprise, surprise, this evening I watched tv for once and guess what – of course I was forced to watch the most recent version of this crappy advertisment.
Ferrero always claims that Duplo is a special chocolate, more specific, “probably the longest chocolate on earth”. So, let’s see whether the longest chocolate on earth is really that special.

The chocolate layer is crunchy, but the chocolate melts easily though. The chocolate and the nougat make the main ingredients of the chocolate, while the wafer adds a nice crunch and chewiness to it. The overall taste of the “bar” is rather milk chocolaty, but the hazelnut flavor of the nougat is clearly noticeable as well. It is really sweet, and personally I find it a little too sickly. It is gone in a moment and because of its plain sweetness, you won’t realise that you’ve just eaten almost 20g of chocolate.
The milk chocolate, hazelnut, nougat, wafer combination is nothing too outstanding, it might has been when the product was first introduced to the market decades ago. Today, there are a lot of chocolate bars that easily outrun Duplo. It is a nice snack when you’re on the run, but still I miss something more chocolaty.

I also have the dark version here and I guess I will try it soon to compare both versions. I strongly believe the bitter one is better, as dark chocolate contains more cocoa and therefore it will be a little richer tastewise.
It is not bad and in addition, this is a cult bar in Germany – so give it a go and try it yourself. If you’re totally on sweet chocolates, you might like it!

6 out of 10

Name: Duplo
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 0.35 Euro
Calories: 546kcal per 100g, 98kcal per bar
Fat: 33.g per 100g, 6g per bar

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