Lindt colors of seasons – Milkcreme-nut and caramel

So, as I already stated some time ago, Lindt was so kind to send me eight of their chocolate treats, among them was the entire Colors of Season edition, four new summer versions. I wanted to try each version the day I got them; of course, I did not. I decided to go for the colors of seasons range first. Today I’ll start with the first one: Milkcreme-nut and caramel.

The packages all have a symbol representing “their” season. Nuts, of course, are the symbol for fall and so they have a leave on it. They are packed twice: One paper box and a silver shiny foil making them look really noble. What you get for the price, really is noble. Usually it is not a confectionairy chocolate, but still way better than cheap ones.

One 100g bar consists of 10 rather huge containers of chocolate. They are shaped and stick together as an entire bar, but the containers are closed, so they all have an own solid chocolate coating, and the crème filling is locked up inside.

The chocolate looks really nice, I like the midbrown color with the imprinted “Lindt” on the top. The treat provides a similar lindt milk chocolate scent, rather sweet but still very chocolaty and of course, milky. You can also sense a small amount of nut that waits for you inside of the treat.

The coating is quite solid in comparison to the soft crème filling. The smooth filling contains come really crunchy pieces of caramel and some slightly smoother nuts, so it is not boring at all. The texture of the crème reminds me of cream, but the taste is rather milky. Still, you can sense the cream in there. Most of the time the milkcreme is really nutty, but as soon as you bite on the caramel pieces, a really intensive flavor of caramel fills your mouth, but wears off after a while, so that you taste the other flavors as well again. The caramel is really sweet which I think is great as they really stand out. Pretty good combination; still not exceptional!

The taste is definitely worth the 1.95 Euros per bar! Good start!

8 out of 10

Name: Milkcreme nut and caramel
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro
Calories: 551kcal per 100g
Fat: 38g Fat per 100g

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    June said,

    I have not seen these yet but will be on the look out for them. I hope they will be available in the US.

    June – from swap-bot

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