Niggedegger Marzipan eggs

I got them halved priced and I just went for them as I wanted to have some Marzipan eggs tried at all. The marzipan aroma fills the bag and gets to you as soon as you open it, even though the eggs are packed again individually.

I like the wrappers. They are shiny and colored according to their flavor: Green is pistacchio, dark brown is espresso and the brown-golden one is the brittle version.


This one consists of marzipan which should be flavored like caramel-brittle. I was especially keen on this one of the three versions in the bag. The 20g sized egg is coated with milk chocolate. The coating consists of two layers, but it is basically the same chocolate. One thin layer covers the marzipan and a slightly thicker one wraps up the egg as well. The chocolate is very creamy; it melts easily and is not too dominant. The marzipan is great. The level of sweetness is alright, you can taste that there are a lot of almonds in it, and every now and then you will bite on a tiny piece of crunchy brittle or mid-solid caramel. I miss a more intensive caramel flavor, but I guess marzipan is just too dominant to let it through. The chocolate and the marzipan filling blend in perfectly well, pretty good job!



This egg has a bitter chocolate coating which I prefer to milk chocolate in case of marzipan. It isn’t too creamy, but I don’t need that with a marzipan egg. It adds a nice contrast to the sweet marzipan, so it is just alright.
The mixture is really good, but I am missing the specific nut flavor. There is just a glimpse of pistachio in the marzipan, even though it looks like there was more in it.


All that’s missing in the pistachio egg is in there: The espresso-flavor is not only in the marzipan, but in the dark chocolate coating as well. The smell can be repelling if you do not favor the smell of coffee and I am a bit afraid of trying the thing because I expect is to come with a really intensive taste of coffee. But I am pleasantly surprised by the taste. The thing is the least sweet one of the three eggs and the espresso aroma is intensive, but not too extreme. The texture is like the pistachio one, smooth and soft. Well done as well!

All in all they were better than I expected them to be, especially the espresso one. The five eggs are really worth their 2.75 Euro. They lack nutrition-information, a thing I don’t really like, and on their webpage I cannot find the product at all. Though, I have to say that Niederegger is one of the better marzipan product producer on the market in Germany…If not the best.
I’ll definitely try the other versions next Easter…

8 out of 10

Name: Marzipan Eggs
Branch: Niederegger Lübeck
Price: 2.75 Euro
Calories: – information is missing-


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  1. 1

    Mandy said,

    Hey! 🙂

    Where did you get them halved priced??

  2. 3

    Doublesided said,

    Oh you are sooooo lucky – I love Marzipan eggs!! Wish you could buy them all year round!!

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