Reese’s Sticks

When I opened the wrapper the smell of delicious peanut butter filled the air. You can smell that there is a lot of nut in it. It mixed up with the sweet scent of Reese’s “milk chocolate”. Well, at least what they call chocolate.

The two sticks feel kind of greasy, so the coating melts really easily. I don’t really like to hold it in my hands. The texture is mid-crunchy when cutting through it, but as soon as you chew on it, you can feel the melting of the fake-chocolate layer, mixing up with creamy peanut butter, as a great contrast to the wafers. They mix up very well and the wafers will practically melt with the coating and the peanut butter.
The two stripes of peanut butter are each thicker than the coating and make the bar really salty. The amount of salt is enormous, it even reduces a lot of sweetness coming from the so-called “chocolate” they used as a coating. The taste of nuts dominates the flavor of the bar; and the wafers are basically flavorless on their own, as it is often the case with wafers..

I like this combination, at least for a wafer bar. I’ve never seen peanut butter in a wafer before, but I like it. It is better than any milk crème or hazelnut crème, mainly because of the salty bytaste. Though, I need to say that there is a little too much salt in it, at least for some of us. Personally, I really enjoyed the amount of salt.
’d even consider buying it again, even though I know I’d rather go for a different peanut butter bar (and remember, that ‘s a wafer bar!).

But can someone tell me what TBQH stands for? I really could not find anything about that on the internet.

Anyway: I read both reviews from, and both wrappers look different from the version I had. Did they change their ingredients again? Would be cool to know!

7 out of 10

Name: Reese’s Sticks
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 210 per bar
Fat: 13g per bar

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