Mars Twix

This has always been one of my childhood-favorites. I am glad I do not keep multiple packages of them at home because that is exactly what I would not stop eating. I got the one for reviewing from my stepdad; I traded it with him for a peanut lion some time ago.

Well, originally it was named ‘raider’ but the name was changed because of the English meaning. Experts thought the name would not sell too well, that’s why they changed it into Twix. In Germany there are a lot of people who still (after nineteen years!) want the old name back. The treat is different from the also called “Twix” bar in the US, but both are contain a crunchy cookie if I am not mistaken, and I guess liquid caramel is embedded in both bars as well. So, basically, the main components seem to be similar.
In my review, I refer to the German/UK/Europe version.

It is wrapped in a golden foil and comes in four or five different sizes: there are miniatures, singles, xtras and minis. The single is just the right serving size for me.
Twix is a mixture of chocolate, caramel and a cookie. The cookie is on the bottom, covered with caramel and both are coated in creamy milk chocolate.
Compared to some older versions of this bar, it is really chewy now. There is a certain amount of crunch coming from the cookie which is neither too much nor too smooth, but well rounded. It makes you chew, but you can still enjoy the sweet milky chocolate melting in your mouth. The cookie mixes up with the caramel and the chocolate very well.
The sweetness and the caramel dominate the flavor, while the chocolate makes a really rounded addition. It’s a pity that it is sickly sweet. Either you get addicted to it or you have enough after a few bites.

One normal sized two-finger bar contains 286 Calories and 14grams of fat. I think that is quite a lot for a bar which is eaten in the wink of an eye. But honestly…I’d buy it again…even though I prefer the dark version!

7 out of 10

Name: Twix
Branch: Mars
Price: singles 0.50 Euro
Calories: 286kcal per two fingers, 488kcal per 100g 


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