Nestlé Lion Nut

Nestlé Lion Nut

This is the second nut version of lion I know, the first version comes with peanuts, while this one is filled with hazelnuts. On the outside, the bar looks slightly different from the other version. The nuts are definitely smaller and the bar is a little longer. The inside look of the bar put a smile on my face. The wafer lays totally askew in the thick chocolate-cereal-hazelnut coating. I’ve never seen such a miss-production before; or at least I’ve never noticed it.

In this bar, the wafer dominates the taste. The flavor of the hazelnuts in the coating is coming through only every now and then, I suppose the nut pieces are just too small to be more intensive, at least compared to the wafer, the caramel and the thick layer of chocolate. The chocolate is not too creamy, and I miss the salty taste from the peanut version I’ve already tried but not reviewed yet. But as a whole, the bar makes up a good mix.

This seems to be a version without the added crunch I’ve just gotten used to. Eating this lion feels kind of old school for me, and I really enjoy the old school texture. Even the nuts cannot add the amount of crunch the ‘new’ wafer does in the more recent bars.

For me, this is one of the better Nestlé products!

7 Out of 10

Name: Lion Nuts
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 0.79 Euro
Calories: 227kcal per bar, 482kcal per 100g


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