Nestlé BabyRuth

I guess my American eaders all know the story where the bar got his name from. However, people in Germany might not know about that, so here is a little piece of information about BabyRuth: The bar is named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth. Nestlé bought the company in 1990 and kept the name.

Today it comes in a mostly shiny silver wrapper and it advertises its 4 grams of protein.

This bar has got a nougat center with a caramel coating. Peanuts and milk chocolate make the outer layer. The first thing I realize is that the bar crumbles into pieces as soon as you try to eat it. Though, the texture is nice to eat. The soft nougat combined with crunchy peanuts match perfectly and they make a great chewing experience.
But the taste…well, let’s say this is not my bar. The nougat is fine, really nutty and not too soft, though a bit sweet. The chocolate coating is as sweet as I almost expected it to be from American chocolate, one can hardly sense the chocolate itself, but rather sweetness and nuts; and the light salty nuts do not keep the bar from getting sickly towards the end.

All in all, this isn’t a really bad treat, but it isn’t too good either. I wish it would taste more like actual chocolate instead of just a sweet nut treat! And even though I am a huge fan of nuttyflavors – this cannot prevent the bar from simply being simply average…

Oh, and yes I know, these pictures are not too well, but they were some of my first photos I’ve taken for this blog. If I ever get hold on another BabyRuth, I’ll take some better ones!

5 out of 10

Name: BabyRuth
Branch: Nestle USA
Price: 1.00 Euros
Calories: 275 per bar


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    cybele said,

    It’s funny, from your Tweet “Not all Nestlé products are exceptional…” I had to wonder which Nestle products are exceptional. Maybe it’s different here in the States, but very few are that good at all (and many, including the Baby Ruth, don’t even use real chocolate).

    I agree with you about Baby Ruth – it’s a great idea but not executive with the best quality ingredients.

    • 2

      NoSunToday said,

      Well, here in Germany there are some (okay, rather a few) really good Kitkat versions and their choco crossies are hardly beatable. But isn’t it that KitKat is produced by Hershey’s in the US?
      Lion is produced by Nestlé in Europe as well and they also have some really good bars (not all versions are great, but a few). But yeah, thinking about what I wrote on twitter, you’re right. Nestlé is rather average most of the time.

      Yeah, I saw that with the “fake” chocolate, and I tried to look it up whether there is real chocolate in it or not, and everyone keeps naming it milk chocolate, even though there is nothing mentioned about “chocolate” on the entire wrapper… Poor work.

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