Katjes yogurt gums

Katjes was so kind to send me two products to try and review them. One of them were their most famous product: katjes yoghurt gums. 1971 Katjes was the first yoghurt gum producer – and they directly produced it with pectin instead of gelatine.  They only thing they claim to have changed is the exchange of artificial flavorings and colorings with natural ones. Nice developement, don’t you think?
When I was younger, I hated them, I really did. Why? I could not stand anything in connection with yoghurt except for youghurt itself. Well, it is not true that I could not stand it, I just did not want to.
Now I basically give everything a chance, and I really did want to try this jelly, especially as they are a really good option for vegetarians!

The texture is similar to soft gummies, just a little “creamier”, and of course there is no sugarcoating. They are soft and easy to chew, but not too boring at the same time. Most of them are shaped like the fruit they taste like, just the cherry one isn’t; and I don’t get why, but that does not matter, does it?

This time I start with the strawberry one, as I usually am a fan of strawberry, and this would make it easier in case I still do not like them. It looks just like a pink little ball with some dots on it to show that this should be the strawberry. It basically smells like yogurt whit just a glimpse of strawberry. Also the taste contains not a lot of strawberry taste, it is rather like neutral yogurt taste mixed up with a lot of sugar. I cannot really fall for this, but the yoghurt gum is better than expected. The yoghurt flavor is really mild, it is just the fruit that I miss.

The scent of the cherry jelly is a little more intensive. The taste is surprisingly really natural and fruity, but the taste is not as good as I expected it to be from the aroma. Still, I am surprised that this flavor is not as artificial as usual cherry-flavored jelly, and I enjoyed the piece.

The orange one has the most intensive aroma. I am quite surprised by the taste, though. It is slightly sour, has a dominant fruit flavor, but orange is not really what it tastes like, it is rather some fruit mixture. The orange comes only as a slight after taste. I don’t know what it really is, but I like it!

The lemon shaped citrus flavored gum seems to be the smallest jelly version and it comes with a slightly sour scent. Its color is like a dark, creamy white. I hoped for a little change to the sweet jellies. And yes, there definitely is a sour by-taste in contrast to the sweetness of the jelly. Though, the general citrus flavor could be a little more intensive.

There were only three pear flavored jellies in the bag. They have an intensive taste and it is really natural as well, but somehow I find the flavor of pear not really blending with the taste of yogurt. They are not bad, but they would not become my favorite as well.

Raspberry is colored somewhere in between the dark pink cherry and the light pink strawberry one. The yogurt-raspberry mixture is really delicious, and I do not just say that because I am in favor of raspberry-flavored things. It is maybe a little too sweet, but the raspberry flavor is natural and fruity, the jelly is juicy and all in all, really tempting!

So, all in all I am positively surprised. Orange and raspberry are the best flavors and strawberry is in case of fruit my least favorite, even though I do not like the combination of pear and yoghurt.
I enjoy eating them, even though I tend to be a little more critical while reviewing them. Of course there are better products on the market, but they are good, especially if you compare them to similar jellies on the market! Oh, there is also a tropical version of them… and I will review them later 😉

7 out of 10

Name: Yoghurt Gums
Branch: Katjes
Price: 0.89 Euro for 200g
Calories: 311kcal per 100g
Fat: 0.2g per 100g


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  1. 1

    Alan said,

    These look intriguing. We actually had a similar kind of product here in the UK. Have you heard of Bassetts Jelly Babies? They are fruity flavoured jelly gummy sweets shaped like little figures. Well these were called Bassetts Milky Babies, a milky creamy version of Jelly Babies and with different flavours instead. I rather liked them but I’m not sure if they are still made anymore

  2. 2

    NoSunToday said,

    Yeah, I know the bassetts jelly babies, but I’ve never heard of the milky version yet. With a portion of luck they are available every now and then in Germany as well, and so I’ve seen some different bassetts products up to now.
    I’ll keep my eayes open and I’ll grab a bag if I see them in some import-store over here. Thanks!

  3. 3

    PD said,

    Hi! I think you mixed up the shapes and flavours. 😉 The orange coloured one is supposed to be raspberry. The flavours are: lemon, pear, cherry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry (no orange!). The dark pink one shown in your pictures is actually blueberry, not cherry. That would be an explanation for the not-so-cherry like aroma 😉

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