Right now I am not sure whether this is a typical German treat or not; I just know their production is in Germany.
Nippon is puffed rice with cereals in cocoa cream covered in milk chocolate. They come in little quadrangles. There is an original version, which  I am reviewing right now, but there is also a chocolate version; and they had chocolate bunnies for Easter which contained more chocolate than rice. I’ve known them for almost all my life, but never tried them. My mum made me purchase the snack pack when I told her that I’ve never eaten them before, telling me I _had_ to try them.

I can see that the “coating” is not really thick, especially at some spots on the quadrangles, and the chocolate doesn’t contain a lot of cocoa and is not high quality, but sweetness is enough you need combined with the rice to make it somehow tasty. Puffed rice covered in chocolate basically is totally boring. You chew and chew and the soft texture of the rice makes you feel like it is never ending. Further they are usually dry as hell, even though they are coated with chocolate.

Nippon is different. The texture is alright, with tiny pieces of cereals put between the puffed rice, adding some crunch to it. The chocolate coating is way too thin, but from what I taste it is creamy and melts smoothly, but as I said, nothing too high quality. Some bites are a little boring and dry, but others are full of the cocoa cream and crunchy as well.

I wouldn’t really go for it, there are some nice milka variations with puffed rice covered in much more chocolate. For me, as a chocolate freak, they are preferable to Nippon, which is more for the puffed rice fraction. But all in all it is decent work.

6 out of 10

Name: Nippon
Branch: Hosta
Price: 0.49 Euro
Calories: 538kcal per 100g, 269kcal per package
Fat: 31.40g per 100g, 15.7g per package


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  1. 1

    Christine said,

    I love these things! My grandparents always sent them to me in packages and when I would visit Germany….I always stock up on them. I’m addicted!

  2. 2

    Oh I miss these!! And yes, I guess they are German. They sold them at Lidl in Norway :P… But Lidl gave up. Haven’t seen them since. Shame.

  3. 3

    Susa said,

    Christine is speaking from MY heart. I am addicted to them since 30something years after I discovered them in my brother’s backpack coming from school. Everyone coming to visit from Germany has to bring me at least ten packages…Right now I am down to one!!!!!!

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