MilkyWay Magic Stars

I know, I know, lots of photos for those little chocolates. But I just can’t help it! What lovely little pieces of chocolate! It does not happen too often that I say something is cute. And it happens even less often that I call chocolate cute, but those are actually cute. MilkyWays Magic Stars are tiny little chocolate stars with a diameter of 1,9cm. They all have different faces, some come with cool sunglasses, others look very confused and some are just smiling. I really enjoy their shape. Unfortunately, they are slightly damaged and the chocolate does not look too well anymore.

They come without artificial colors and preservatives, says the 33g bag. Okay, I rarely see chocolate with artificial colors…They mainly consist of sugar and only have around 25% of cocoa. Not too much, but that’s what I expect when I buy a milky way product. I mean, just their name indicates what they put their focus on, right?!

The chocolate lives up to my expectations: It is creamy, melts easily and fast, and rather sweet. It is rich of milk but not of chocolate, though it tastes really decent for the small amount of cocoa. The chocolate should be aerated, but you don’t really get that while letting them melt in your mouth; but you see it when dividing the stars.

What I truly like about those chocolate stars is the size. No need to break, cut or chew them at all, simply put one of them on your tongue and let it melt. Mhhh.

Unfortunately, they are only available in the UK, Ireland and Poland at the moment. I’d always prefer them to a milkyway bar ( I mean the one available in Germany…Review to follow!)

8 out of 10

Name: MilkyWay Magic Stars
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 183kcal per package, 555kcal per 100g

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  1. 1

    They are cute!!!

    They are available in certain big stores in Norway too. I bought them this summer, and I am sure I have both them in my childhood too, just haven’t seen them in a few years (or maybe not looked for them :P)

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