Ritter Sport Cashew

This is the second version of the Ritter Sport spring edition chocolate I tried. I love cashews, while at the same time I do not really like alpine milk chocolate. So, this is kind of a weird combination for me and my own preferences.

The bar looks just awesome and tasty. The color of the chocolate is a nice midbrown, as usually for Ritter Sport chocolate. On the back you can see the nuts coming slightly through the chocolate, and when you break off one of the quadrants you see the huge amount of cashew nut pieces inside the chocolate.  It smells milky and nutty, but the milk aroma is dominant here, just alpine-chocolate-like. I try to blend out that it is alpine-milk chocolate, but the smell just won’t let me. I still have hope for it not to be too sickly, because of the huge amount of nuts inside.

The texture is similar to the Hazelnut version, it is rather chewy than crunchy. Due to the alp milk chocolate, it melts even better than the usual Ritter Sport, but at the same time it is definitely sweeter and unfortunately, the sweetness covers the taste of the nuts soon. Still, the nuts provide a nice taste in the beginning and the cashews are really unique. I’d really like to see cashews more often embedded in chocolate, as I really prefer them to almonds or hazelnuts.

After the great disappointment of trying the bourbon vanilla version, this one is rather good, especially due to the choice of nuts.

7 out of 10

Name: Cashew
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 550kcal per 100g


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