Rittersport Bourbon Vanilla

I bought those three spring edition Ritter Sport versions, but I haven’t been too keen on trying them yet because my favorite of them consist of apline milk chocolate which I consider to be sickly most of the time. But especially one with a plain milk chocolate coating was the one I was least kean on, the bourbon vanilla. Why? Often cheap chocolate does not contain a good vanilla flavor. And even though I know Ritter Sport usually does a really decent job, I still cannot believe the “original bourbon vanilla” they use will be too good. Of course, you can use real ingredients, but the amount you use is another thing. But I thought I should start with my least favorite.

You can smell the scent of vanilla when you open the wrapper. For being only a crème filling inside of the coating, the scent is really intensive, but also mixed up with the sweet smell of chocolate. The inside looks rather beige than vanilla like. I find it a little too dark to be really good vanilla. And there are too less black spots in it. It looks nice as you can see in the picture, but just not vanilla-like. Even the smell is rather too sweet to be true.

From what I read about this chocolate so far, I didn’t expect it to be the best Ritter Sport version, and I guessed right: The chocolate coating is as good as always from Ritter, but the filling is questionable: In the beginning you taste the vanilla crème as intensive as you can smell it, but it soon wears off. What stays is a sickly sweet taste of… well, some mix of this milk-crème and the milk chocolate, but it is nothing I would put into the vanilla corner. The texture is rather smooth, easily melting chocolate with a firm cream-like filling, which is somewhere in the middle of a truffle and a ganache filling. Not really exiting, but still alright!

I’m glad I already read some reviews saying that this is an under average version of Ritter Sport, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Still, I would have liked a better vanilla version. Maybe Ritter Sport gets that this is not their best version of chocolate on the market and they work on it… At least I hope they will produce a better vanilla version someday!
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5 out of 10

Name: Bourbon vanilla
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro per 100g bar
Calories: 578kcal per 100g, 145kcal per four container


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    Mandy said,

    I totally dislike this version! When I tried it, I thought I eat Ritter Sport Butter… There was nothing vanilla-like in the taste… I really love vanilla, but this one really fustrated me! 😦

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