Haribo Tangfastics

I recently got them from the UK and I was totally keen on them. But when I held them in my hands I was kind of disappointed. They contain way too much sugar (the entire bag is full of it!) and they are intensified colored (though the wrapper says that there are no artificial colors in this candy). Of course, they are made for kids, so they need to look colorful. Their smell is really chemical and really repelling to me!

All of them are coated with sugar and really sickly sweet. It takes some time for the real flavor to get to you.

The cola bottles are really chewy and provide a great taste of cola as soon as the sweetness of the sugar layer wears off. I should not compare them to the German version, because the German cola bottles taste like lemon and are less sweet.

The crocodiles which do not really look like crocodiles are more like soft jellies and have foam on the back.  At first I wasn’t very pleased with their texture, but I soon got into them. They come in five different colors. The yellow one taste likes lemon and with the sweetness of the sugar comes a sourness which is really enjoyable. I think the orange one should be orange, but the flavor does not really get to me. It is just an exchange of sweet and sourness. Not bad, though. The green ones are kind of strange, as they taste like strawberries. I like the flavor a lot, but it just was a surprise. The red ones taste like raspberry with some sour edge. They’re nice as well. The last ones are dark-red colored and are definitely blackcurrant. Together with the green ones they are the tastiest, but if you like it more sour, then you’d go for the lemon one.

The dummy is colorless and green. The colorless part is like the same-colored haribo gummy bear: pineapple, and the green part, again, is strawberry. The texture is rather like the bottles a little chewier. Unfortunately, I only got one dummy. I was wondering whether there are other colours as well?!

The last ones in the bag are cherries. They are the most solid jellies in the bag and the second sweetest after the cola bottles. The sweetness soon is taken away by the sour cherry taste the jelly has. It is alright, though a little too artificial, which often happens with cherry-flavored gummies.

Do I really need to rate them? I find it difficult this time, as they are really alright and nice, but compared to German Haribo stuff they cannot really keep up… And they need to work on the smell! Pah!

5 out of 10 (I take away one for the bad smell and the sugar)

Name: Tangfastics
Branch: Haribo
Price: 1.25 Euro
Calories: 340kcal per 100g

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    Doublesided said,

    No way – I lurve these!!! We all eat them at work to keep us going! The UK really is unhealthy! *blush*

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