Ferrero Kuesschen

The thing with this really tiny one is, I was only able to get one of those little thingies. My stepdad promised to give me a few, but he forgot to put them away before handing his big package out to friends, and that’s all that’s left for me. Well, the slogan in Germany says: “You will give good friends a Kuesschen.” I guess that’s it. The praline is really popular and well-liked here in Germany. I know that this chocolate is called “Mon Cheri” in the US. For German people this is kind of confusing, as we have another chocolate called “Mon Cheri”, which contains a cherry and alcohol. I will give my review on that later.

For aesthetics I cut it into two halves instead of biting it, as I know I won’t be able to exactly separate the nut in a way it will be good-looking for a photograph. The praline consists of a mid-dark chocolate layer filled with milk chocolate-creme, pieces of hazelnuts and a whole hazelnut. There are not a lot of further ingredients.

The variety of the ingredients makes a really versatile and unique texture. While the center-nut is really chewy, the crème surrounding it is soft and smooth.

The combination provides a sweet but not sickly general taste. It is really nutty and rich of chocolate. The mixture of dark and milk-chocolate mixes very well and both types melt pretty well. The crunchy big nut is especially awesome.

Unfortunately, the chocolate is gone within two, or three bites. It is so small you’d definitely not go with one. Three or four as a minimum.

8 out of 10

Name: Ferrero Küsschen
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 3.69 Euro for a 32-piece package
Calories: 54kcal per piece (8,9g)


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    Ray Siow said,

    I like your chocolate as above. Am residing in kuala lumpur, Malaysia. May I know where can I purchase it in Kuala Lumpur? Thank you.

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