Haribo Pasta-Frutta

I always like to try vegetarian gummies, as there are not too many really good-tasting options for veggies here in Germany. Pasta Frutta by Haribo is one of them I’d recommend to vegetarians if they like slightly sour gummies. As most Haribo products, no artificial colors are used in this product. Though, the colors of the gummies are really rich and nice. They are coated in sugar and I am glad to not find a pool of sugar inside the bag.

The package contains four different flavors. The yellow ones are of course citrus. Not only their sugar coating is sour, but they are as well. Unfortunately, they taste a bit artificial to me, I don’t really like them. The after-taste is rather like something indefinable. I know from several people that they feel the same about the yellow one, though most of the content is yellow. Perhaps they are the cheapest one to produce.

The green, apple ones are way better. They taste like a really sour green apple (granny smith) and they do not have an after-taste at all, except for a mild sourness.

Last but not least, the red strawberry ones. I guess you’ve already figured that I like red-colored fruit much more than the other flavors and so I save them for the last. The strawberry taste is alright but nothing too astonishing. Further, they are the mildest ones. The sourness is hardly testable.

The texture is something between soft and solid. They are harder than usual gummies (probably because they ‘lack’ gelatin), but softer than comparable gelatin-free products. I really like that about those gummies!

All in all they are okay. A pretty decent product for vegetarians with not too many options.

6 out of 10

Name: Haribo Pasta-Frutta
Branch: Haribo
Price: 0.89 Euro
Calories: 326kcal per 100g

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