Spring Jelly

Even though I prefer the more solid jelly gums, I got some soft jellies for Easter and I decided to keep them. “Sugared jelly with vitamin C” says the wrapper and the ingredient list tells me that there aren’t any artificial colorings in these (which I would have expected from due to their color). Furthermore, agar-agar is used instead of gelatin, so they are suitable for vegetarians.

The flower shaped jellies come in four different colors: Yellow, green, orange and red. I like the pastel tone of the green one most and except for the red one, they are all really light. Their smell is VERY decent.

The yellow flower has a scent of lemon. The first impression is rather sweet because of the sugar coating, but after a while it has a sour lemon edge. It tastes fresh, and I believe there is a little orange aroma in there as well.

The orange one smells like orange lemonade, and so does it taste. It reminds me of Fanta, just a little sweeter.

The apple-flavored one, which really looks best, has the worst taste of them. It is too sweet and a missing sour edge makes it boring to eat.

On the outside the red ones do not smell at all, just a little sugary. On the inside…well, they smell like a mix of strawberries and currant, but I am not entirely sure. And so it is with the taste. They are good though, a naturally tasting mixture.

All in all, I like them, but there are lots of fruitier products on the market, with less sugar. I would not buy them for myself again, but that’s rather because I’d prefer harder jelly candy.

6 out of 10

Name: Spring Jelly
Branch: Netten (Aldi)
Price: 0.59 Euro
Calories: 324kcal per 100g


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