Haribo Rotella

Those snails have been taken out of the Haribo product list now, at least in Germany. I know they are still available in the Netherlands.. They were vegetarian gummies, and they exchanged them with a new version containing sherbet. The new version contains gelatin as well and therefore they are not suitable for vegetarians anymore. I preferred the version without the sherbet…

There are different ways to eat the Rotella snails. You can just bite in, or you roll off the

The snails come in four different flavors: Yellow is citrus, green apple, orange is (surprisingly as it is) orange and the red one is strawberry-flavored.

The yellow one tastes slightly like citrus and has added a bit of sourness. It is alright, but it could have a more intensive aroma.

Orange is the worst version. The taste of orange is stronger than in the citrus version, but I find it too artificial. Plus it is just boring. Some sourness would really jazz this version up. The package I bought only contained two orange-flavored snails, while I had about six or seven of the others.

The green ones taste like green apples, Granny Smith or alike. They are slightly sour and more natural than the others. They are definitely the best flavor of this package.

Usually the red ones are my favorites when it comes to gummies, and I especially like strawberry-flavored candy. They taste good, contain a lot of strawberry aroma, but unfortunately, you get an artificial aftertaste from them. Aditionally, they become a little boring in time.

The texture is more solid than the usual gummy, because of the wax used as a coating. Some people like it, some don’t, just as with the really soft jelly gummies. For vegetarians they were one of the best options from Haribo, even though they have an artificial aftertaste and are not as smooth as usual.

6 out of 10

Name: Rotella
Branch: Haribo
Price: 0.89 Euro
Calories: 332kcal per 100g

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