Cadury Flake

There are several versions of Cadbury Flake. The one I got hands on is the original, plain milk chocolate version. This is definitely not a bar to be eaten on the road. Flake is one of the crumbliest chocolate bars I’ve ever seen so far. Unless you want to have half of it on your shirt, the table or the ground, you should use kitchen paper or something alike to put the Flake on.

My expectations were high on this one as it is rated really high all the time. I’ve hardly read any bad word about it. Flake is a one finger bar consisting of milk chocolate. Only 25% of cocoa indicates that it is very sweet, as usual for Cadbury. I like the yellow wrapper in which it comes, it looks fanciful and unlike other chocolate bars. I even like the look of the flake bar. It is unique and looks tempting.

As soon as you open the foil, you can smell the delicious Cadbury-like sweet chocolate aroma. The chocolate is very light and, as already stated, crumbly. My first bite tastes a little strange; you have to let the chocolate melt in your mouth to fully taste the milk chocolate.  I find it not as creamy and melting as other Cadbury chocolate, plus it lacks of richness. I miss something…special about this bar. Of course, the texture is unique but that does not make the bar for me.

All in all I think Flake is unique but not too exclusive concerning quality.

6 out of 10

Name: Flake
Branch: Cadbury UK
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 170kcal per bar

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  1. 1

    Fabi said,

    Doesn’t look so nice…=( I guess I won’t try it.
    Maybe I can get more chocolate for you on the flea market tomorrow. Today I didn’t have enough money ;)!

  2. 2

    Alan said,

    I think its the different textuires etc that makes bars taste slightly different (like aerated chocolate). Flakes aren’t a favaourite of mine but I don’t dislike them. Theyre quite an iconic bar. Do you know how they were created? A Cadbury employee back in the 1920’s noticed the chocolate spilling over the sides of the chocolate vats and how they formed in folds and thought it would make a cool bar!

    Theyre very famous for being part of the ’99’ icecream! The soft whipped up icecream you get in icecream vans (‘mr whippy’ lol) with a Flake stuck in it 🙂

    • 3

      Their history sounds kinda suiting for them! I mean, they even look like such an “accident”, don’t they?
      They go well with the icecream, don’t they? The flavor seems just fitting, especially for vanilla icecream, I guess.

  3. 4

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