Cadbury Double Decker

When I got my order, I was keen on this bar from the very beginning, and I don’t even know why. I guess the combination of really soft and crunchy thrills me. And so does the bar.

On the outside, it looks average, just like a typical chocolate bar. It is a little higher, but the size does not really make me think of a doubledecker.  The bottom is a bit uneven, but who cares about that as long as the bar is fine? On the inside, it just looks appetizing. You see the soft and creamy nougat top and the crunchy bottom and you already know this will be delicious.

It reminds me a bit of Milky Way combined with really crunchy cereals. At first I just do not get into the nougat part, I’d even eat only the bottom of the bar. But the combination provides an interesting and versatile texture, which I really like; with just the crunch or the creamy Nougat it would get boring fastly.  The nougat is not too soft, rather a bit chewy, but still really cramy. Sometimes it sticks to your teeth, but it is easy to get rid off again.
You can taste a glimpse of almonds coming from the nougat; and the melting chocolate coating mixing up with the other flavors. It is a well-rounded combination and it is somehow unique!

The ingredients are alright, nothing I would not have expected to be in there. I definitely will eat it again, if I get hold on a double decker.

8 out of 10

Name: Double Decker
Branch: Cadbury
Price: 39p in the UK, 0.99 Euro as an import
Calories: 275 per bar


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  1. 1

    Alan said,

    I am a fan of Double Deckers too. I’m from the UK and find it a very substantial bar. Interestingly I don’t think it has almonds in the nougat but it does contain abit of coffee! Also many years ago it had raisins and cornflakes aswell in the base but sadly I was too young to remember them like that lol

    • 2

      Raisins and cornflakes as well? Awesome, I really would have loved to try it like that. They might have taken out the raisins as many people do not like raisins combined with chocolate; in order to make more profit with the bar. That would be my theory.

      • 3

        Alan said,

        Me too as I like fruity additions such as raisins etc. I’m a big fan of Cadburys Fruity and Nut! I think you are correct though, I seem to remember reading that back in the 80’s consumer research of a number of their bars at the tiime led to the removal of the raisins and cornflakes. It’s a shame as I’m sure today they wouldn’t be much of a problem lol. You’d like the Cadbury Picnic, they have peanuts and raisns, caramel and Crispies aswell in them 🙂

  2. 4

    Debby said,

    This does sound delicious! I wish he had this bar in the US. It’s a lovely bar on the inside, too.

    • 5

      Alan said,

      you could try ebay Debby, i know there are alot of english chocolate on there, not sure of the costs but might be worth a go 🙂

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