Gut & Gerne Organic Gummies

These are gummies from a German organic food manufacturer and I got them half priced. The name seems a little boring, but that’s usual with orcanic food manufactures. They always try to make their products sound as natural as their food is, or so. I have tried a lot of really bad orcanic gummies, but there are some good ones as well. Most of the time I do not like teir texture. Let’s see…

At first I thought the package contains four different flavors. But, there are five, the orange ones just look a lot alike. I only tasted that there has to be a difference, and after that I tried to distinguish between them, which was really difficult, as you hardly see the difference in color. One of them is slightly darker.

The light orange, more yellow one is a mixture of citrus and pineapple, while the slightly darker orange colored one seems to be, guess what, orange. The citrus one tastes a little fresher, with a slight sour edge.

The unmistakable green one tastes like I expected it to taste: Like a apple. Here I am missing a bit of sourness. It is just to simple.

The dark red one is black currant, and together with the wine-red one which taste mainly like raspberry with a glimpse of black currant in it as well, are my favorites.

Not one of them tastes artificial, they are really natural. The ingredient list says that the colorings come from natural sources: fruit- and vegetable extracts from oranges, passion fruits, mango, Chinese gold berries, elderberries, spinach, stinging nettles and turmeric are used. That’s what I call organic. Nice!

7 out of 10

Name: Weingummi
Branch: Gut & Gerne
Price: 1.25 Euro per 100g bag
Calories: 355kcal per 100g

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