Ferrero Rondnoir

The Ferrero Rondnoir is a little smaller than the Rocher version and suitable for dark-chocolate lovers. Compared to Rocher, this ball is really crumbly. Instead of nuts it has chocolate-rasps as a coating that tend to fall off as soon as you move the ball anyhow.

But the rasps are really tasty. Not too bitter, they contain a little sweetness I would not have expected them to have. The Rondnoir smells like plain dark chocolate, good, really rich chocolate, again with some sweetness in it.

Compared to Rocher, it is more difficult to eat, at first because of the crumbliness, and second because the wafer under the (thinner) coating is a lot harder and crunchier. The filling consist of dark nougat crème which is again a mixture of sweet and bitter. Really well done. Instead of a nut it contains a bitter dark chocolate core, that mixes up very well with the dark nougat crème and the rest of the ball, so that the thing as a whole does not get too bitter. Though, I’d recommend it to those who like dark chocolate or are allergic to nuts, the sweeter ones should keep with the Rocher version.

All in all, I personally prefer this version of the Ferrero balls to the original Rocher one. It has something noble and is not too sweet. Plus, I would be satisfied with two or three of these, what I cannot say about the Rocher one. I guess this has something to do with the grade of sweetness.

9 out of 10


Name: Rondnoir
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 1.20 Euro for 4 balls, 2.69 Euro for 12 ones
Calories: 55kcal per serving

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