MilkyWay Crispy Rolls

I ordered one of these on my last internet order, as they were one of my childhood favorites. I only ordered one bar, though I ate two or three at once in the past. Basically, this is a waffle filled with milk crème and coated with milk chocolate. It is only 25grams, so not a very filling snack (that’s why I have never been satisfied after just one package; and they are usually sold in packaged of six). The bar comes with two tiny round fingers. It mainly consists of sugar, the first ingredient on the list. Nothing really alarming on the list.

You can smell the sweetness of the chocolate on the outside, the inside smells milky. The taste is absolutely not comparable to the common MilkyWay bar. The wafer is crunchy and the inner milk, the crunchy wafer and the chocolate go really well with one another. The milk crème is similar to white chocolate, but smoother. The wafer is just a common ice-cream wafer. The fingers are really sweet, but they cannot get sickly after such a small serving.

7 out of 10

Name: MilkyWay Crispy Rolls
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.39 Euro
Calories: 128kcal per package, 511kcal per 100grams


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